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NYC again!

Oct 01, 04:42 PM

Just a little update that we will be attending this year's NYC Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo on 10/14/12 from 9am-5pm.  Admission is cheap (5 bucks)!  H.L. Raven will be signing copies of Dial 999 (the new book wasn't finished in time for this year's show) and we'll also be selling copies of Barry Crowther's Matt Spears books (Missing and As The Sun Turns Black).  Please stop by and hang out with us!  There are some incredible authors and pulp fiction artists as well as all the gorgeous pulp books you can lay your hands on.  More details are on the Events page.

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Wild in the Streets...

Dec 30, 07:05 PM

Two chapters down of the new Jon Hunter book.  On schedule for an October 2012 release!

Many belated thanks to those of you who were able to make it out to see us in NYC back in October.  We had a great time and can't wait to do it again!

Also, thanks for the support this year!!  Many wishes for an excellent new year to you and yours.

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Meet the press...Sunday morning...

Oct 13, 08:34 PM

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go! 
We'll be in NYC tomorrow afternoon.  We hope to see you at the Pulp Fiction Expo!  (See the Events page for more information.)

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Some folks like water, Some folks like wine...

Jul 23, 09:19 PM

...But I like the taste of straight strychnine!

We're heading back to NYC!  Join us at the NYC Collectible Paperback and Pulp Fiction Expo in October!  We'll have a table there to sign copies of "Dial 999" and admission is dirt cheap.  Check the "Events" page for more details.  Hope to see you there!

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If it wasn't for your stiff little fingers...

May 30, 12:41 PM

Computer crash here last night.  Fucking thing.  And fucking idiot who didn't back up the damn thing to a server.

So, yeah, please bear with us for a bit.  No manuscripts were lost, but some of our upcoming designs and changes we were going to implement might have disappeared.  Hopefully we'll be able to recover the data this week.  If not, we'll just recreate it somehow.  Not that that matters much to you guys, but we might be slow around here for a while as we take care of that shit.

Take this as a Public Service Announcement to BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

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53rd and 3rd

Mar 18, 03:30 PM

Many apologies to those of you who tried to meet up with us at Santo’s in NYC; the Steve Ignorant show was postponed, so we did not head to the venue.  We were, however, in the city, and we spread our cards around town.  So, hopefully you were able to snag some!  We will likely be back when the new show gets announced, so we’ll see you again, NYC!!
While we were gone, we also received word that the Midwest Book Review gave Dial 999 a 5-star rating and review!  Please visit their website and send some small press love to them!  You can find a link to them on our Links page.

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New Kindle Price!

Feb 09, 04:40 PM

We've adjusted the Kindle price of Dial 999 down to $4.99, so if you haven't gotten your copy yet, now's a great time for a great deal! 

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Banned from the Roxy...

Feb 04, 11:39 AM

...but appearing at Santo's Party House in NYC!  It's as close to Crass as we'll get these days. 
Hang with H. L. Raven as Steve Ignorant brings "The Last Supper" to the States on March 10, 2011.
We'll be in NoHo from 3/9-3/11.

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It's a Song and Legend...

Dec 31, 01:23 PM

We're updating our "Links" page today.  There's so much brilliant stuff out there that you should check out, so we hope you'll pop back in and see what we love.  We also welcome your links; if you'd like to link to our page, please let us know so we can link back to yours!

This year has been a wild one, and we look forward to more of the same in 2011!  Go nuts and be sure to pay back your generous friends who stay sober so you can rock out!  Happy New Year!

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A Pale Gleaming...

Dec 27, 03:15 PM we attempt to get the full content of the site up this week.  We're making specific pages for the books, with direct links to characters, chapters, reviews, and order information to make it easier to get a taste of the Jon Hunter series.  A page for the second book has been added, although we have not filled in much information as the story itself is still being written.

Thanks so much for being with us this year, and may 2011 kick ass!

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